Via Reader Emily, here’s the line for standing room tickets at Nats Park more than an hour before the box office opened on Friday morning. As the 10 a.m. opening time approached, she reported that the line doubled around the block, and was maybe 200-people deep. The Nationals said there were more than 100 people there at 9 a.m.

Also, here is a cool look at the secondary market for Game 5 tickets, at the moment Werth homered and 40 minutes later.

In other random bits of Natitude, check out reader @J_Bizzle at the hospital after Game 4. Yes, he was at the Park before going to the hospital.

“My new niece!” he wrote. “She let me witness the Nats’ walk-off win before deciding to come!”

In other random bits of Natitude, reader @bradbrently points out that his U.S. Airways plane Friday morning had Natitude.

“Boarding, deplaning, and the beverage cart!” he noted, as he sent along this image. “We were all talking about where we were sitting last night, reactions.”

In other random bits of Natitude, bless this photo. Bless it good. It comes from reader @jupay, and it was taken in the top of the ninth on Thursday, if you can believe that.


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