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Automated email to Nats fans about World Series tickets a ‘stunningly stupid error’

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
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As if the crushing Game 5 loss to the Cardinals wasn’t painful enough, many Nats fans were greeted with an early-morning gut punch in their inbox Saturday morning.

“Your exclusive online-only World Series ticket presale will be held on Monday, October 15,” read the message, which then provided further details about this pre-sale.

So what happened? While MLB clubs can decide when to start their pre-sales, the actual e-mail alerts are sent out on the teams’ behalf by MLB Advanced Media. The Saturday morning message was set up in advance and needed to be turned off in case of a Nats loss. It wasn’t.

The mistake had nothing to do with the Nats building that 6-0 lead, or with the widespread assumption that an NLCS trip was inevitable at that point.

“It was a stunningly stupid error on our part and we apologize to the Nationals and their great fans,” Bob Bowman, the president and CEO of MLB Advanced Media, said in a statement.

The fact that the message seemed to double down on the Game 5 pain was just an unfortunate coincidence.


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