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Fred Davis calls RGIII ‘Black Jesus’

By Jonathan Newton – TWP
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Very often, after the sort of single-handed historic performance Robert Griffin III offered up in the win over Minnesota, fans will go a bit overboard with the praise. One Redskins fan, for example, almost immediately wrote that RGIII’s 76-yard touchdown run was the greatest moment of his life, although he later said he was joking for effect, and that the touchdown wouldn’t rank in the top 100.

But never mind all that. Fred Davis took things to another level, when Comcast SportsNet’s Rob Carlin asked what more you can say about the rookie QB.

“You really can’t say much more,” Davis said. (See video here.) “I mean, like I said, he’s Black Jesus right now. He saved us today. He’s a great player. He makes plays. And he did what he had to do on that third down. We’ve been talking about him protecting himself a lot more, but he seen an opening and made a play. And what can you say? I mean, he’s a great player.”

“Great player” and “Black Jesus” are several tiers away from each other on Ye Olde Praise Scale, but Davis’s point is well taken. The saving part. Not the deity part. Carlin also asked about RGIII’s return from injury.

“Even though he had a minor concussion, he came back solid, calling the plays, running the plays perfectly fine, making the throws he needed to throw and making the runs he needed to run,” Davis said. “I feel like I already knew he was gonna be all right for the game. He’s that tough kind of guy. He has that character.”


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