(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)


The D.C. sports world has been treated to two entirely unforgettable moments in the past week. Both were called on television by Dick Stockton, and in both cases, the home team’s radio call was a bit more memorable.

First came Jayson Werth’s walk-off home run, unforgettably narrated by Charlie Slowes. Then on Sunday came Robert Griffin III’s near-walkoff 76-yard touchdown run, narrated by Larry Michael on the Redskins Radio Network, heard locally on ESPN 980. Audio below.

Pretty pretty good.

If you want the fan’s-eye view, here’s one video that shows the aerial view of the play, and then shows everyone going bonkers and hugging their neighbors, and then shows 70,000 or so people chanting RGIII’s name. Possible bad language warning, though it’s hard to tell amidst all the screaming. Via @burgundyblog.

And if you want the White House’s view, colleague David Nakamura sent along this press pool report Monday morning.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Monday that President Obama, currently in Williamsburg, Va., preparing for Tuesday’s debate, commented “on the restoration of faith in Washington sports teams created by RGIII’s remarkable performance in the Redskins game,” the highlights of which Obama saw Sunday afternoon.

Restoration of faith, eh? In a strictly non-partisan sense, though.


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