The contrast between Friday’s Nats meltdown and Sunday’s Redskins victory made for some odd sports-talk radio listening on Monday morning, as segments of despair alternated with segments of elation.

On the Nats, one caller to 106.7 The Fan said he nearly cried on Friday. Host Eric Bickel compared the moment to when his father died. Some Nats fans said they couldn’t bring themselves to eat on Saturday. I got too many heartfelt e-mails to count, including one that extensively quoted W.H. Auden. One passage:

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

That’s not a typical sports-related e-mail, perhaps. But then came RGIII, and for fans who cheer for both teams, at least some of the sun-dismantling was put on hold.

So even though at least one D.C. sports journo criticized Mike Wise for asking the question, I thought it was perfectly appropriate that the columnist asked the quarterback late Sunday evening about what happened to the Nats.

“With the Nationals losing down the stretch, of course that’s tough,” Griffin replied. “And I saw on my Twitter feed, a lot of people were saying they hoped we would win to get people over that, since there would be a lot more attention on us now that the Nats’ season is over. But you take all those things into account. And I think a lot of the fans, a lot of people around this area will appreciate us coming away with the victory.” (Watch the video here. Read Wise’s column here.)

Oddly, though, Kory Lichtensteiger may have done a better job summing up the Nats/Redskins dichotomy, even though he wasn’t asked about the baseball team.

“Oh man, you could just feel the tension in the air in the stadium,” the guard said after Sunday’s game. (Listen to the audio here.) To win is big for us; to win for the town is even bigger. And for everybody that came to the game, it’s just a nice payoff for people to hang with us.”

(PS: The most amazing thing of this whole topic is that the morning after an insane Redskins victory, the Junkies spent like 40 straight minutes talking Nats. “Few of the Nats’ accomplishments this season surprised me; this, to me, is the most remarkable,” one of my Nats pals wrote. “D.C. is falling in love with baseball again.”)


Sheinin: “It was a run that altered the molecular structure of everything in its path.”

J-Reid: “It’s actually possible to be a big-play quarterback while also protecting yourself.”

Boz: “No Game Today.”


Terrible sports fans celebrate a Redskins victory.


Mike Shanahan on Kai Forbath starting his NFL career with a 50-yard field goal attempt:

“I’m a nice guy, aren’t I? Breaking in a kicker and his first kick is a 50-yarder? I started thinking about that. I thought, ‘It’s not going to be very popular if he misses.’ “


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