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Many Nats fans found very evocative ways to describe the pain of the Game 5 loss to the Cardinals.

“It was like the cat and dog had just both died,” one fan told The Post’s Ian Shapira, for example.

Among those evocative Nats fans was White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Having already briefed the White House press corps on the Strasburg Shutdown and Racing Teddy this season, Carney was naturally asked about The End on Monday.

Via The White House:

Q: Did the President watch the Nationals game Friday night?
MR. CARNEY: Where was he? Where were we Friday night? I have spoken with him about the game, about the enormous pain I felt as if my heart had been torn out and stomped on, on the sidewalk at that terrible loss. And he sympathized with me.
He did comment last night on the restoration of faith in Washington sports teams created by RG III’s remarkable performance in the Redskins game, which he was aware of, as well, having seen a few highlights…..Did you go to the game?  Terrible. My son — I made him go to bed because it was such a late game, and the first thing he said when he got up in the morning was, did they win?  It was very hard.

Also having a hard time: Vincent Gray.

“It was really deflating,” the mayor said, via Mike DeBonis.

(Less deflated: Marion Barry, who asked on Saturday, “What’s the agony?”)


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