(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)


Ian Desmond spent last night deep in thought about the Nats’ future in D.C., and shared his musings with his Twitter followers. 









He does bring up an interesting question. When the team was awful, they couldn’t fill the stadium. When the wins came, so did the fans. So what now? As Desmond aptly points out, there isn’t much in the neighborhood to make a Nats game a destination. Right now, you go for the game or you don’t go at all, and there aren’t 44,000 fans out there willing to spend their cash on a losing team. 

Like Stephen Strasburg told me on Friday, and Shoeless Joe told us before that: If you build it, they will come. 

Logistics aside, it has to feel good for Nats fans to see one of their young players thinking about the future of the city and his desire to make it a baseball town. Most of the fans who responded on Twitter saw the future through Desmond’s rose-colored glasses. The rest were a little more demanding. 







 So, don’t lose. And don’t be the Pirates.