(John McDonnell – The Washington Post)

A week after RGIII suffered a concussion, he had a spectacular day on the field. He was celebrated by most, but there was no shortage of people ready to criticize the Redskins for letting him play in the first place. 

Tiki Barber was one of those people, making his case in a column for USA Today.

“It’s difficult to argue that Griffin’s outstanding day, including his electrifying, 76-yard touchdown run that sealed the Redskins’ win over the Minnesota Vikings, was anything short of amazing. But if he really wanted to be an example for the game, he wouldn’t even have suited up.”

It’s pretty unrealistic to expect an athlete of RGIII’s caliber to voluntarily bench himself when his team is telling him he’s clear to play, and it’s certainly short-sighted to direct criticism in the quarterback’s direction. But, page views for everyone.

Bob Molinaro of the Virginian-Pilot wins the page view prize for comparing the Strasburg shutdown to RGIII’s concussion, and using the comparison to criticize the Redskins, the Nats, Mike Shanahan and Mike Rizzo. From his story yesterday:

“Because the contrast was too obvious to miss, everybody has picked up on the sharp differences in the way a couple of Washington, D.C., franchises have handled their precious tender talents.

The Nationals put hard-throwing Stephen Strasburg on the shelf when there wasn’t anything wrong with him, while the Redskins started Robert Griffin III on Sunday a week after he was knocked out of the game with a shot to the head.

Never mind that Griffin was sharply spectacular and escaped unscathed against the Vikings. What’s equally paradoxical is that Nationals management is receiving harsher criticism for protecting Strasburg’s right arm (and future) than the Redskins did leading up to the game for their intention to expose Griffin so soon to another possible concussion.”

As far as I know, the list of “everybody” who “picked up on the sharp differences” of RGIII vs. Strasburg includes Andre Ware. And now Molinaro. A far cry from the multitudes of people remotely related to sports who spewed an opinion on the Strasburg Shutdown. 

But, the week is young. What say you, Stephen A. Smith? Skip Bayless? Rob Dibble?


Ande Ware compares Strasburg and RGIII