As I wrote earlier this week, Clinton Portis is in the middle of a two-week stint as a Comcast SportsNet Redskins analyst. On Sunday, this produced, among other things, a two-minute Portis interview with Chick Hernandez, in which the running back was asked how he feels physically.

“Great! See?” he said, waving his legs back and forth, as seen above. “I feel great. Being a workhorse in the league, the transition, to be blessed enough to be able to walk away after playing nine years and not have issues and not have setbacks and be able to be mobile….I’m just 31,” he then noted. “Who’s to say how I will be at 40, 50. But who’s to say how I was gonna be then anyway? So it’s just enjoyment.”

Hernandez also asked Portis about the transition to being a media personality, or whatever he is now.

“It’s great,” Portis said. “The radio show is so much easier, so relaxing. You come in with boxers and a T-shirt on and then you just get to talk trash. Who knows you’ve got on boxers? So radio is going great, and the transition to the other side is actually great. Having an opportunity to learn, it’s like you’re starting form the bottom, and you’ve got an opportunity to learn now. So it’s intriguing.”

And Portis was also asked whether the fact that he came up just short of the Redskins’ career rushing record sticks in his craw.

“It don’t,” he said. “I closed that chapter in my life. I wanted it, I felt as if I wanted it, but God opened so many doors for me that it’s not even an issue. I really feel great in the transition that I’m making, and I don’t regret it.”