The Arcade now has an RGIII “Jump on the Bandwagon” game, in which you attempt to slingshot fans into a Redskins bandwagon as it drives by the sights of D.C., including the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Marine Corps War Memorial, and a bunch of odd skyscrapers from some unidentified other city.

Regardless, putting the Redskins and “Bandwagon” together is a pretty serious business, Arcade people. I hope you wield this power wisely. Via reader @TGibson810.

In other RGIII vehicle news, Reader Seb sends along this photo of a filthy truck, taken on the Beltway.

“This picture is cool, because it’s the complete opposite of the type of support that you get from Facebook and Twitter superfans,” he writs. “You really like RGIII?  Then climb up there on that filthy truck and scrawl out his name with your bare hands.”

In other RGIII vehicle news, a D.C. Metro bus apparently was overcome with emotion this week. Weren’t we all, D.C. Metro bus, weren’t we all. Now get back in service. (Via @recordsANDradio)