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When Robert Griffin III took off for his 76-yard touchdown run, fans everywhere jumped out of their seats. But the Redskins on the sidelines were just as excited about the rookie’s speed. 

Lorenzo Alexander tweeted the pic above, with the explanation: “Our faces say it all.” Josh Wilson called into 106.7 yesterday and explained to Holden and Danny what was going through the Redskins’ heads as the play developed. 

“I’m looking, and it’s third down and this is getting to be a tight game. Things got real tight, real fast,” the Redskins cornerback said. “And I see the pocket kind of break down, and I’m like ‘Come on. This is what we got you here for. Make something happen. I need you to make something happen.’

“And I see him running and I’m like, ‘Alright, man. Get the first down. Slide, keep the clock running.’ And I see him coming to the sidelines; ‘Don’t run out of bounds, get the first down, don’t run out of bounds, don’t run out of bounds….KEEP RUNNING, KEEP RUNNING!’ We’re on the sidelines, and the whole sideline is, ‘Slide! Slide! Slide…KEEP RUNNING!'”

Wilson also said that while RGIII’s speed is well known, seeing it in person was an eye-opener.

“You’re not used to seeing somebody who can turn the corner like that,” he said. “All you’re worried is, keep the clock moving. Getting the first down is very important, but it’s more important to keep the clock moving. And, ‘Oh my goodness, you are really fast.’ It reminds you of why we gave up so much to get this special kid in.”

Full audio below. Wilson’s laugh-inducing play-by-play comes in at the 2:55 mark.


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