(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)


This is likely of interest only to me and my immediate co-workers. And maybe not even them. Sorry bout that. But I think Adam Kilgore’s three-minute Tuesday interview with the Mike Wise Show on 106.7 The Fan, which concluded with Kilgore abruptly hanging up the phone, was one of my favorite sports-radio interviews ever. Certainly the last few seconds were, anyhow.

This all began when Wise was talking about the managerial decisions in the ninth, asking if Mike Matheny “was so confident in Motte as a closer that there was no way he wouldn’t have let him hit there.”

“Um, yeah, I’m not sure, I’m not sure,” Kilgore said. “Hey Wise, I’m really sorry, I have to let you go here.”

“Oh, you’ve got something going on?” Wise asked.

“Yeah, I apologize man,” Kilgore said.

“No, no worries,” Wise said. “Thanks for coming on with us. All right, Adam Kilgore, an abbreviated interview on The Fan. Must be some news happening. We should check the wire….Hmmm. We’ll have to check that out, the next time we have Adam Kilgore on, whenever that is.”

(Kilgore was in the office, and had just gotten a call from Davey Johnson, necessitating the early exit. The Johnson call produced this blog item and this newspaper story.)

(Next time I hang up on someone, I’m definitely gonna say “I’m really sorry, I have to let you go here.”)

Click here to listen to the segment.