In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, Niles Paul drilled Minnesota’s Marcus Sherels, who was gearing up to return a Redskins punt. It wasn’t just a tackle, it was a crushing.

Paul called into Ball Hogs Radio to discuss the hit.

“It’s like an adrenaline rush, because you realize you’re so close to the defender,” Paul said. “And then you realize that he didn’t fair catch it.

“I was trying to make him fumble,” he continued. “You want to hit him hard enough to make him fumble.”

For a split second after the hit, Paul thought he did just that. Sherels didn’t drop the ball, but he did lose his helmet. 

“In my peripheral, I seen something rolling and I thought it was the ball,” he told me today. “So if you watch the tape, you’ll see me hesitate and then go to pick it up. And then I realized it was purple, and wasn’t the ball.”

Paul left the helmet on the field and proceeded with his standard big play celebration. His trademark stunt is to run around and beat his chest, and Paul admitted that his teammates have called him “corny” for the move. 

“Fred and them, they make fun of me when I beat my chest,” he laughed. “I’m gonna keep doing it. I’m gonna stay true to me.” 

(Above GIF and more via The Viking Age.)