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The NFL posted a nifty inside-the-locker room look at Mike Shanahan’s remarks to the Redskins after Sunday’s win.

“That was one heck of a job,” the coach told his team. “We had adversity at the beginning of the game; you guys fought through it, you kept your composure. We talk about it’s gonna take 60 minutes — defense, way to step up at the end. You kept on making plays, and that’s what it takes.

“Men, you keep on fighting,” he continued. “We’ve got so much character in this room, we’ve just to keep on fighting and get it done one game at a time. I’m proud of everybody.

“Game balls, Robert, that was one hell of a job,” Shanahan said, tossing a ball to RGIII. “Lorenzo? That was a hell of a job. Few reps, making some big plays throughout the game. Men, enjoy your day off.”

Then Shanahan led the team in the Lord’s Prayer. Then the Redskins huddled up, and you could hear Trent Williams’s distinctive voice.

“Hey man, we play like that for four quarters, can’t nobody beat us, I promise you,” Williams said. “Skins on three.”

Trent Williams, breaking it down?

“Yeah, that was me,” the tackle told Sarah on Wednesday. “I don’t do it every time, but I just jumped in. I was feeling it.” 

“It’s not pre-planned, it’s just whoever’s got something to say,” Williams also said. “It’s different guys who do it every game.”



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