A couple of weeks ago on his radio show, “4th and Pain,” Adam Carriker made a bet with wrestler and former Atlanta Falcon Goldberg. If the Redskins won the matchup against the Falcons, Goldberg would have to wear Redskins gear. If the Redskins lost, Carriker would have to dress up as Goldberg.

Atlanta won, and pictures of the Redskins lineman in tight black wrestling briefs ended up all over the internet.

Goldberg went back on the show this week and showed his appreciation.

“I re-tweeted it out to as many of my followers as possible,” Goldberg said of the viral pics. “You were styling, all right. You were a little heavy on the oil, but other than that you had it all down. You looked good.”

Carriker admitted that he got some ribbing from a few teammates.

“We’re in the training room the next day, and I tried to throw out a couple of preemptive strikes,” he laughed. “I tried to show a couple of people [the pictures] on my iPhone, because it’s better if you go tell people than if they come to you.

“But then I’m sitting there and all of a sudden, Brian Orakpo is in the trainer’s office and he’s like ‘Oh my God.’ And he comes out and just points at me and and I’m like, I wonder what he’s looking at? So everyone goes in the room, and they’re checking it out and they’re laughing. But then they come out and they’re like, ‘You know what? That takes some [guts].’”

Carriker’s history with wrestling goes back to his childhood, when he used to watch with his dad every week — until 1996, when his dad’s favorite wrestler, good-guy character Hulk Hogan, went rogue and announced the formation of bad-guy wrestling crew New World Order.

Hogan’s trip to the dark side was short-lived, but it ruined wrestling in the Carriker household.

“My dad never verbally said it, but it was very obvious,” Carriker told me. “We just didn’t watch wrestling. He was very upset. He never really got back into it.”

Carriker stayed a fan, listing Goldberg and Ultimate Warrior as two of his favorites. Earlier this year, he got to meet the man who ruined wrestling for his dad.

“I met Hulk Hogan at an wrestling event, and he was getting into his car,” he recounted. “I introduced myself and told him I was a football player for the Redskins. He stopped looked at me and said very seriously, ‘When you’re done with football, keep us in mind.’ It was very cool.”

Adam says he plans on playing football until he can’t play football anymore, so a wrestling career is unlikely. But that hasn’t stopped him from thinking about what his character in the ring would be. 

“If I was to go more character-ish, I’ve always kinda liked Dark Horse,” he said, thinking about what he would go by. “Just because I’ve always had to prove people wrong and overcome things. If we wanted to be more realistic and not so cartoonish, I’d just go with Carriker. Just straight Carriker.”