A Bog acquaintance passed along a tip that there would be some sort of RGIII-related Fox Sports shoot going on at the Lincoln Memorial Thursday morning. So I got some McDonald’s hashbrowns and drove down, just in case it was funny.

When I arrived, the Fox crew was temporarily gone. Turns out they were in a car, filming a woman on a bicycle who was wearing an RGIII-inspired white sleeve on her left arm. When they got back, they all high-fived. Must have crushed it.

There was also a young GW student from California wearing a No. 10 RGIII jersey, and a man wearing a business suit and RGIII’s Superman socks with the little red capes, plus various other extra types, sitting outside the Memorial on a gorgeous day. Plus two little boys dressed as Abe Lincoln and George Washington. They weren’t part of the Fox shoot, though.

Anyhow, the very notion of Fox running a piece starring a woman on a bike with an RGIII sleeve cruising around the Mall filled me with such unease that I immediately left. The pulse of D.C. sports fandom beating hard in the middle of tourist central in the middle of a workday, signified by a woman on a bike wearing an RGIII sleeve from a costume shop? No thanks. And it wasn’t even a Capital Bikeshare bike!

But I guess I should have stuck it out, because eventually the gang of future TV stars made their way downtown with campaign signs, leading to this image. Hey, that’s the same GW student from California wearing a No. 10 RGIII jersey I saw at the Lincoln Memorial! Busy day.

If anyone else sees such an act playing out around town, please do let me know. And let’s all set our sights on Sunday afternoon’s Fox bit, full in the knowledge that D.C. is super spontaneously showing its love for the rookie quarterback. And also that, since a lot of politicians work in D.C., random downtown street corners are ALWAYS filled with mobs of people holding political signs.

Oh, and among the lines being read for the cameras were gems like these:

“Hey New York, say it with me: RGIII.”

“The only thing this town can agree on is RGIII.”

“Democrats and Republicans agree RGIII is the truth.”

Finger on the pulse, Fox, finger on the pulse.

(Image via @DCUniverse)