(Katherine Frey / The Washington Post)

Earlier in the week, Giants rookie running back David Wilson made a strange comparison when talking about his dependability as a player.

“I’m like birth control,” Wilson said, via Newsday. “You have to believe in me. Like birth control, 99.9 percent of the time I’m going to come through for you.”

Athletes say the darndest things. That is going to lead to some very unfortunate nicknames for Mr. Wilson.

Fred Smoot called in to 106.7 to chat with Holden and Danny, and found the statement just as absurd as any sane person should.

“He compared himself to birth control?” laughed Smoot. “There’s nothing manly about birth control. I think he could have used a different analogy, man. Like saying, ‘I’m just like a vasectomy. I always work for you. I’m always there for you.'”

It’s not a Fred Smoot interview if it doesn’t get a little weird.