By Jonathan Newton – TWP.

When Osi Umenyiora dubbed Robert Griffin III “Bob” and then promoted him back to RGIII, it was a show of respect for the rookie quarterback. Now it appears that RGIII has been knighted.  

“Sir. His name is Sir Robert Griffin,” Umenyiora told reporters in the Giants locker room. “That’s what I refer to him now. I mean, look at what he’s done. Look at the way he’s performed as a rookie. You don’t see players coming into the league and performing like that at that stage in their career. So, all the respect in the world to goes to him. He’s a phenomenal football player.

“I opened my mouth and I said, ‘When he does anything in the league, we’re gonna call him his name, and he’s definitely earned it. Whatever he wants to be called, he’s earned that for sure.”

I’m pretty sure “Robert” will do just fine.

Unlike his teammate Jason Pierre-Paul, Umenyiora was willing to show proper admiration for RGIII’s prowess.

“Ridiculous,” he said of the quarterback’s lightening speed. “We saw guys who are known as fast guys just trailing behind him. You just saw him blazing down the football field, so we know what type of speed he has. But more importantly, he has an arm. He’s a good quarterback. You know, forget all the running stuff, this guy is good. They got a real good player on their hands, and we’ve got a problem on ours.”