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Remember my nifty stat a few weeks back? About how — since 1994 — the Redskins had a hefty lead over the rest of the NFL in place-kicker usage?

Well, it turns out the Redskins have been nearly as dominant in punter usage. And with Thursday’s news that the Skins would be bringing in Chas Henry for a look-see, the Skins are poised to seize the NFL lead by themselves.

Tracking punters is not quite as easy as tracking place-kickers. Quarterbacks sometimes punt. So do kickers. But they shouldn’t really be counted as employed punters, you’ll agree.

So, to the best of my ability, here are the numbers of actual punters employed by NFL teams since 1994. As you can see, the Skins are oh-so-close to sole possession of first. The median number of punters is 9 (though some of the teams didn’t compete every season); the Redskins have already employed 16. Domination, baby.

(As always, I have no idea if this correlates at all to winning. It’s just striking.)

16 – Jets, Redskins

12 – Buccanneers, Eagles, Packers, Rams

11 – Steelers

10 – Browns, Dolphins, Patriots, Saints, Seahawks

9 – Bears, Bengals, Broncos, Chiefs, Cowboys, Giants, Lions

8 – 49ers, Cardinals, Jaguars, Vikings

6 – Falcons, Panthers, Titans

5 – Colts, Ravens

4 – Chargers, Raiders, Texans

3 – Bills

The Redskins also lead the league in total men having punted the ball at least once since 1994. (While the Jets are tied with the Skins in actual punters, the Redskins have had 22 men punt vs. the Jets’ 19.)

That list, ranked by number of punts: Matt Turk, Derrick Frost, Bryan Barker, Hunter Smith, Tom Tupa, Sav Rocca, Reggie Roby, Tommy Barnhardt, Ryan Plackemeier, Durant Brooks, Craig Jarrett, Sam Paulescu, Josh Bidwell, Glenn Pakulak, Andy Groom, Brian Hansen, Graham Gano, James Tuthill, Cary Blanchard, Shaun Suisham, Scott Blanton, Brett Conway.

What was it that Kai Forbath said upon signing with the Skins? Oh yeah.

“I’m hoping to stay here a long time,” he said.

Good luck!