By Julio Cortez – AP.

“God willing, RGIII watching his first NFL touchdown happen will still be an iconic D.C. sports image many, many years from now,” one fan wrote after RGIII watched his first career NFL touchdown pass from the ground, and then raised his arms to signal the TD. “I want this on a poster. I want this on a t-shirt. We’ll hold off on the statue. For now.”

That, of course, was the beginning of a thing. Griffin’s pose made A1 of The Post. Fans started doing it. A blogger turned it into a craze. Adidas turned it into a t-shirt. A fan turned it into a tattoo. RGIII struck the post with Olympic track star Kellie Wells. And Fox featured an actor Griffining in front of the Lincoln Memorial during its pre-game piece on Sunday, as seen below.

And then? RGIII threw a would-be game-winning touchdown to Santana Moss with less than two minutes left on Sunday, and wouldn’t you know, he was Griffining again. See above.

Eli Manning and Victor Cruz kind of ruined the moment, though.

(Below image via @xmasape)

By Julio Cortez – AP.