By Jonathan Newton – TWP.

This is going to be another week of extravagant RGIII praise, which is more fun than anguished Jim Haslett flagellation, all in all.

Let’s start with Cris Carter, who appeared on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike thing Monday morning.

“I’ve never seen a player like him,” Carter said of Robert Griffin III. “I played with Randall Cunningham, and I’ve seen Michael Vick play a lot. But I’ve never seen a quarterback that has that type of athletic ability, that type of explosion – if he wants to, I mean, he [doesn’t] have to use it – [and] he is a pocket passer.

“And I think that his understanding of the football game [is impressive], and I think that he’s embraced the National Football League, he’s handled it the right way. I think that has a lot to do with it.

“As far as revolutionizing the game and things like that, God doesn’t make a lot of people like RGIII, bruh. So I don’t think they’re going to be revolutionizing the game. We haven’t seen anyone like him. We should enjoy it. He is really, really special, but I think not only his ability is special; I think he’s a special person. And I think it’s gonna be exciting to see where he goes playing in that NFC East and that brutal scheduling, year in and year out.”


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