Robert Griffin III has the ability to make football columnists say silly things. Like Peter King, whose column this week was chock full of RGIII absurdities.

I always judge the mark of an incredible play in an NFL game by the reaction it gets in the NBC viewing room on the fifth floor of our Rockefeller Center building in Manhattan. And when Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III had a 4th-and-10 with 2:07 left at the Meadowlands, his team down 20-16 to the Giants, this is the sound I recall hearing from the likes of Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy, Dan Patrick, Mike Florio and a score of other football wackos in the room as Griffin took the snap, looked for a receiver, found them covered, then rolled left, Giants chasing him — “Getridofit! … Noooooo! …. Whoaa!!! … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sounded louder than “Born To Run” at a Springsteen concert.

Later in the column, he also compares RGIII to Bono, which is the most Peter King thing ever. 30 Rock mention? Check. Reminder that he watches football with other famous people? Check. Outdated pop culture reference? Check. All that’s missing is a Starbucks mention.

King went on to say that the presence of RGIII sets up the Redskins to compete for multiple championships. That’s not so absurd, but I’m going to wait and see how the guys in the “NBC viewing room” react before deciding whether it’s a good prediction. 

The Redskins also came in at No. 11 on King’s “fine fifteen” list because “Robert Griffin III makes all things possible,” which I suppose is true, but it makes it sound like we’re a touchdown run away from seeing RGIII compared to a deity next week. 

The column ended with a weird RGIII haiku.

Love football? Me too.
Learned one thing in Week 7: 
RGIII’s something.

Yup. He’s something.