Sunday’s news that Joe Gibbs spoke to the Cowboys on Saturday evening in Charlotte led to a level of outrage normally reserved for, I don’t know, national emergencies. Personal betrayals. Last-second gambling losses.

Just a sample, from Extreme Skins:

* “What kind of crap is this? Hyping up a rival team during the season? You gonna be in Jerrys booth on Thanksgiving too? Sorry that I don’t see this as a class move and rather the act of a traitor. Why not give the speech to our team? Instead now Cowboys pass us in the standings. Well done Joe.”

* “Gibbs is a god, but he ****ed up today. You just don’t do that. It was a ****ty move.”

* “Aw what the hell!!!! seriously coach???? the cowgirls????”

* “Gibbs gives speech to Cowboys and Redskins lose. Coincidence? I think not.”

* “Seriously Gibbs? My opinion of you just dropped substantially. BIG time. A sad day for the B&G. I’m sure you received some type of monetary reward for your appearance. Great coach. You should be proud. Way to sell out. Pathetic.”

* “I just puked in my mouth.”

* “That’s some never forgive action right there…”

* “I feel naseus after reading this…”

* “The hell? SACRILEGE!”

* “That is not a super smart move”

* “It’s gonna put an asterisk on his Redskins reputation for sure.”

* “This is disgusting.”

* “There was an air of senility about his 2nd stint. I can only guess it’s got worse.”

* “dear god…. i have to…**** you joe.”

I mean, there are pages and pages of this stuff, at Extreme Skins and elsewhere. Of course, this led at least one former Redskins to speak up on Gibbs’s behalf.

“Setting the record straight, Coach Gibbs didn’t give a pregame speech to Cowboys, but chapel,” Renaldo Wynn wrote on Twitter. “Relax, Redskins, Cowboys go to heaven too.”

Probably debatable to some D.C. supporters. I’m pretty sure Gibbs will come out and explain himself at some point, but in the meantime, Dallas owner Jerry Jones talked to the press about Gibbs’s appearance on Sunday evening.

“First of all, I had told several [reporters] that he came into chapel,” Jones said. “And he was talking about some of his low times, and he was talking about some of the coaching errors. Now he wasn’t directing it to the team at all, relative to our criticism this week regarding our sideline coaching decision. But he talked about a couple of them that bit him. And when you heard that, I know players told me that when they see Joe Gibbs talking about making a few bad decisions on the sidelines, they know anybody can.”

Not exactly rah-rah stuff, and it would probably be hard for a man of Gibbs’s beliefs to say no to any sort of chapel invitation. Remember, just a few months ago he called himself “the biggest Redskins fan in the world” and said he was “fired up” about the start of the RGIII era. Still, some Redskins fans will no doubt continue to feel naseus, whatever that is.

“I am disgusted,” someone else wrote. “I cant believe he did this. He could have politely said no, or sent in a recorded message. What the hell man.”


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