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Robert Griffin III’s latest spectacular game took the rhetoric to another level. ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan speculated Monday morning that RGIII would be a leading MVP candidate had the Redskins won on Sunday. Peter King wrote that the Redskins would compete for multiple titles with their new QB. And Michael Wilbon said he is already the NFL’s best player.

“I think – and you have to win, they’re gonna have to go no worse than 9-7 and probably 10-6 – I think RGIII’s the best player in the league,” Wilbon said Monday morning on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 program. “I don’t mean best rookie. I think he’s the MVP.

“Because they can win any game, the Redskins now, because of him,” Wilbon continued. “Any game. They can beat anybody. Don’t tell me they can’t beat Houston. Now, they could also lose, because of what happened at the end of the game. And we’ve seen that. He’s put them in position, he’s won two games and the defense couldn’t come up with a save, if you will.

“Right now, to me, who’s had a better year than RGIII, personally?” Wilbon then asked. “We’re talking about individual. Eli? Eh. This kid hasn’t had a bad game. He hasn’t. Luck, if we go back to rookies, Luck’s had a couple of bad games. Aaron Rodgers has had at least one bad game. Not that you wouldn’t happily take Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season, but RGIII to me is right there. How can you not have him right there?…

“I’m not projecting,” Wilbon later said, when the topic of Cam Newton was broached. “I’m not projecting. I’m talking about right now. Right now, who’s better than this kid? Give me a guy definitively who’s better than RGIII.”

He and Wilbon discussed guys like Arian Foster and Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers.

“Tony, look, there are damn few football players you buy a ticket to see,” Wilbon said, which is the truth.

“Oh, you do for him,” Kornheiser agreed. “You do for him. You absolutely do.”

“You do,” Wilbon concluded. “You do. There are just very few. Look, they’re 6-1, you’re not buying a ticket to see Matt Schaub. You’re not. You’re not even buying a ticket to see Matty Ice. You’re not. I think Aaron Rodgers, and I think RGIII is in that category. You’re talking about Hall of Famers. Again, I’m not projecting, I’m just looking at where we are now.”

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