(Julio Cortez/AP)


Robert Griffin III appeared live via satellite during the 11 a.m. Sportscenter on ESPN to answer some questions offered by Kevin Negandhi. 

It was a pretty straightforward chat, and most of the questions have been asked of him before. Maybe it’s just me being surly, but a live one-on-one interview with RGIII is hard to come by. Perhaps we should try to learn something new next time. 

But since you’re probably at work and didn’t get to see it, here you go.


On whether he feels the crowd during the games
“You don’t. Everyone’s there watching you. It’s like you’re a gladiator out there fighting against another gladiator. You know, for the most part you don’t feel the crowd, but especially an away crowd. You know, they’re not really cheering for you when you do good things, so you can kind of hear the silence after you make good plays. For us, that’s just as good as hearing our home crowd cheer.”


On whether the Giants were trash-talking him during the game.
“You know, we didn’t hear very many names at all. There wasn’t much talking going on. You know, these two teams have played each other a bunch and I got a chance to get my first taste of it. But, for the most part it was all business out there. Everybody’s trying to win. They’re very respectful and talked to them after the game.  You can earn a team’s respect when you don’t talk trash and just go out there and try and do your job.

“For the most part, if they got a sack they were getting up and dancing, or doing whatever they do. But most of the game there was no talking going on. It was just hard-nosed football out there.”


On Justin Tuck’s compliments after Sunday’s game
“You take it. And it shows that you’ve earned their respect on the field. A lot of guys can do things against other teams, but until you see something first hand, it’s the only time you can really earn their respect. A bunch of guys that I’ve played this year have said the same thing. Chris Long from the Rams said that I had earned his respect by the way I played on the field. So it’s pretty big to earn that kind of respect from Tuck. And like he said, we’re going to have to play each other twice a year, so we’ll be ready for them in December. But, at least I’ve earned their respect thus far.”


On getting praised by both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
“You try not to worry about it too much. When it comes to things like that, everybody wants you to lean one way or the other. And my job is to unite people. I try to unite this team, try to unite this city. That’s my job, so I’m going out to try and do that to the best of my ability.”


On which quarterback he compares his game to
“You try to take bits and pieces of everybody’s game. You want to be a play action, like Peyton Manning. You want to be able to control the line like a Peyton Manning, or stay in the pocket like Tom Brady. Be able to move around like an Aaron Rodgers. And then just be yourself, so I try to take bits and pieces from everybody’s game and turn it into my own.”