After Chris Cooley was cut by the Redskins, backup quarterback Kirk Cousins moved into the locker that had belonged to the tight end for years. When Cooley gave tours of the Redskins’ practice facility to cancer survivors earlier this month, he felt a little nostalgic about it.

(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

“It was really weird,” he told me at the time. “I was giving a tour of the locker room and I was like, ‘This is my…uh…this is Kirk Cousins’s locker.”

So when Cooley returned as a member of the team on Monday, Cousins volunteered to move out of the locker and return it to its rightful owner.

“I owe him one or two [favors]’” Cousins told me today, referring to Cooley’s generous gift of furniture when the rookie moved into his apartment.

But Cooley revealed that there was another gift that no one knew about.

“I gave him Uggs, too,” Cooley said.


“So the story there is at training camp, he walked in with his Uggs,” Cousins explained. “And I said, ‘Uggs, huh?  I heard those are pretty comfortable.’ I told him I was going to get myself a pair for Christmas. He said, ‘Why would you get yourself a pair for Christmas?’ I said, ‘Treat myself, get a gift for myself, I don’t know.’”

“About a week later, we were about to leave for Chicago and he said, ‘Merry Christmas,’ and he handed me the box. So, I owe him two or three.”

Uggs and furniture. It’s a big year for Cousins. 


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