Courtesy D.C. United

My pal Steve Goff did a typically fine job describing the moment Saturday evening, when D.C. United finally locked up a return to the MLS playoffs after years in the wilderness:

In the closing moments of a tense match with considerable implications, reserve midfielder Lewis Neal scored in the clear for a 3-2 victory over the Columbus Crew, touching off a display of raw emotion not seen at the old ballpark in many autumns.

“It was like the old days,” said Coach Ben Olsen, who played 12 years for United. “I don’t like to bring up the old days very often, but the feeling in that building felt like the good old days.”

Those good old days, of course, included large crowds, and dominant teams, and fans going bonkers when the club did well (and also when it didn’t, to be honest). They also included impressive beer showers after goals, with flying fermentables bringing liquid relief to the warm shoulders of hard-working supporters. And occasionally to visiting journalists, too.

Well, the beer shower after Neal’s goal on Saturday looked to be about as good as a beer shower can get. The delicious downpour was captured well in the photo above, via the club; it was captured even better in the GIF below. Mesmerizing, really.

And if you like less alcohol in your United hysteria, sample the below highlight reel of Dave Johnson calling the game winner on Comcast SportsNet. He got excited. Not sure if he tossed a glass of water in the air or not.