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Let me preface this by saying there are few things that make me less passionate than the NFL’s Pepsi MAX©®™ Rookie of the Week nominees. Like, possibly nothing.

“What about the impact that the meme-ization of Call Me Maybe will have on the future career of Carly Rae Jepsen?” you might ask. Well sure, earlier this week, I would have agreed that I care less about that topic than about the NFL’s Pepsi MAX©®™ Rookie of the Week nominees.

But then a pal referred me to this story on Jepsen and Call Me Maybe, and it’s actually kind of fascinating. Certainly more interesting than the NFL’s Pepsi MAX©®™ Rookie of the Week nominees.

That being said, I mentioned to some co-workers on Tuesday that I thought it odd to discover that Alfred Morris was a rookie of the week nominee this week, and Robert Griffin III wasn’t. Because, as impressive as Morris may have been against the Giants, there are probably more humans in the world who can break several tackles on the way to a hard-earned eight-yard gain than humans who can keep a 4th-and-10 play alive for nine seconds, then find an open backup tight end, then run for 24 yards, and then loft a completely perfect touchdown pass inside the final two minutes of an NFC East road game.

So I’d have voted for RGIII over Morris, personally. If I cared enough to vote.

Anyhow, just for fun, I went back and tallied up how many NFL Pepsi MAX©®™ Rookie of the Week nominations every NFL rookie has received this season.

Here are the leaders:

4 – Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill

3 – Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson

2 – Johnny Hekker, Doug Martin, Alfred Morris, Blair Walsh

Again, I care infinitely more about the price of barbecue sauce at the new weekly farmers market in the parking lot of Wichita’s Lincoln Heights Village than I do about NFL Pepsi MAX©®™ Rookie of the Week nominations, but just for fun, I asked the NFL how the nominees are chosen.

“The league office picks the nominees for Pepsi Rookie of the Week, as well as FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Week, with input from the teams,” I was told. “There can be two players per team nominated for one award or between the multiple awards.”

Well. That being the case, I think you could argue that both Morris and RGIII should have wound up on this week’s ballot. Over, say, Doug Martin, who had fewer rushing yards on more carries for Tampa Bay in a home loss, and also failed to direct a fab last-minute scoring drive. But I guess to make that argument, you’d have to admit you care about the award, and I refuse to do that.


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