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On the flight back from the Tampa Bay game a few weeks ago, Chris Baker thought it would be funny to tweet pictures of his sleeping Redskins teammates.

“I just caught them slipping and I just got ‘em,” said the nose tackle, who uses the term “slipping” when he catches teammates in sleep mode. “It was after a win too, so it was funny.”

Baker told me his teammates thought it was funny also, but that one took matters into his own hands to exact revenge.

“I think Josh [Morgan] got a couple [of me] on his phone,” he laughed.

Morgan, who was one of Baker’s victims, says he’s prepared to get Baker back.

“Oh, I have more than a couple,” he told me. “I told him I’m going to wait until I get a whole collage, since he wants to go around getting everybody.”

Morgan figured out that while the rest of the team sleeps on the way back from road games, Baker sleeps on the way. Once he figured out Baker’s sleeping pattern, it was all systems go.

“This past one was a short trip, so I don’t know how he slept this time,” said Morgan. “But I got him.”

The pics above and below are courtesy of Baker. No word on whether or not Adam Gettis actually sleeps with one eye open. 

via @cbaker92redskin


via @cbaker92redskin