Courtesy of the Washington Wizards


On Monday, the Wizards hosted service men and women at J&G Steakhouse in D.C., and let the players act as servers for their guests.

John Wall, Jordan Crawford, Bradley Beal, Shelvin Mack and Emeka Okafor were among the players who donned a bowtie and grabbed a tray, and even during a charity event, they couldn’t help getting competitive.

“We were just trying to see who could do the best,” said John Wall, via the video below. “I did pretty good. I held three plates. That’s kind of a record for us. Brad, he called timeout on his, so he don’t count. Emeka did good. Emeka might be the only one that beat me.”

Beal, who almost dropped a tray of drinks, disagreed with Wall’s assessment of his talents.

“I give myself an 8,” the rookie guard said. “The only reason I give myself an 8 is because I was nervous and I didn’t drop anything, so, I get some points for that.”

Here’s a video with some highlights, including Beal’s timeout call. More can be seen on the Wizards’ site