Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post


Josh Wilson took a lot of heat this week for being beaten by Victor Cruz on the 77-yard touchdown that sealed the Giants’ win on Sunday. Some of the most cutting comments came from the fans themselves, such as these from Mark Maske’s postgame story on the Redskins defense:

scottrowland: “Hard to believe the skins let Carlos Rodgers walk and thought Wilson would be a better fit. He can’t cover anyone!”

wiggintom: “I have said before that Josh Wilson is so bad that he wouldn’t start in Alabama’s secondary right now.”

Yogi8: “Josh Wilson is truly horrible. Something should be done.”

And so on, and so on. 

Wilson has read and heard some these grievances, and during his weekly call-in to 106.7 The Fan, he admitted that the criticism was understandable. 

“I appreciate Redskins fans, and I appreciate all the commentators being so emotional and so upset about the game, because you guys care just as much as we do,” Wilson told Holden and Danny. “I’ll be honest. Sometimes we’re like ‘Man, they’re kinda being hard on the team.’ But it just shows that you guys are just as passionate and ya’ll really want us to win. Ya’ll really want to be a part of something special and you deserve that. At the end of the day, that’s what we want. We don’t want somebody who doesn’t care if we lose or whatever, ‘let’s go about our day.'”

Wilson also touched on the media, and the hailstorm of “horrible” stories that come after a Redskins loss. 

“Right now we’re more focused that we keep the horrible things out of you guys’ mouth and only give you the positive stuff,” he said. “If we don’t give you stuff to talk about, then we can’t be upset what you’re talking about.”