(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

A few weeks ago, Adam Carriker tweeted about losing a babysitter.

“My kids just officially got their 1st baby sitter to quit,” read the tweet. “I’m kind of mad a little sad find it somewhat funny and sort of proud all at once.”

I asked the Redskins defensive end to explain what happened.

“Basically I’m on crutches and my wife is on bed rest,” said Carriker, whose wife, Angela, is due any day now with their third child. “So we need a lot of help with the kids. Some of the babysitters handle it better than others.”

Carriker told me that his son, Jacob, may have been a bit much for this particular caretaker to handle.

“When it comes to sitters, he’s definitely testing them,” he laughed. “Kind of like a substitute teacher. But he’s the smartest kid, and has the best personality.

“The kid knows more about the iPad than anyone else in the family,” he continued. “It was originally my iPad, and then he discovered he liked it. There have been times I’ve wanted to do something and I don’t know how to do it. I’m like, ‘Jacob, how do you do this?’ And he’ll do it for me and hand it back to me. And he’s three years old.”

Technology prowess aside, it seems we might have a future Redskins player in the making. Or at least a Redskins coach.

“He already grabs his chair and his milk and sits in front of the TV, like two feet from it, yelling and screaming at the TV,” Carriker laughed. “Which he undoubtedly learned at the games from people yelling and screaming at the field. And he’s drinking his milk like he has a beer and he’s in his chair like it’s a recliner. And what’s funny is, half the time he’s yelling at a commercial.”

The Carriker household also includes 18-month-old daughter Addison, as well as another girl on the way, and the third child changes the parenting method.

“Well, we’re not just going to sit in the zone,” Carriker said of their planned strategy to handle a trio of children.  “We’re gonna be an attacking zone blitz defense. Catch the enemy off guard. They won’t know what’s coming.”

Which a good maneuver in theory, but we’ll see what happens with three little Carrikers running around.

As far as having two daughters, the concept makes Carriker a little nervous, but insists that when they’re ready to start dating, he’s prepared for when potential suitors ring the doorbell.

“I’m rather large, and their older brother, he’s already freakishly large,” he said. “So I think we’ll be alright.”

On a side note, I asked Carriker whether or not he’s planning on his son playing football and his answer was interesting. Here’s the audio:



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