(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

As reported by the Reliable Source, Chris Cooley has put his Leesburg home on the market, and during his call with the Junkies earlier in the week, he joked about where he would crash if the house sells.

“I could live on Logan Paulsen’s couch because I actually own Logan Paulsen’s couch,” he said. “And his TV, and his bed. Those are all mine.”

We already know that Kirk Cousins has benefitted from Cooley’s furniture excess, but is he spreading his wares throughout the entire locker room?  

“His cousin/assistant was my roommate last year,” Paulsen explained to me. “Chris was trying to get rid of one of his other houses and needed to get rid of some of the furniture, so he let us use it ‘cause he was basically getting free storage. So that’s why we have it. Then my roommate moved out, and it’s just me and my wife and all this furniture. Right now it’s his, but we’re in negotiations right now for purchasing it from him.”

Perhaps Cooley should take his pottery store one step further and open a furniture shop.  Paulsen went on to say that Cooley is always welcome to stay at his place. 

As for that aforementioned news bit about his home, apparently it put Cooley in an awkward spot.

“The Post listed that I was putting [my house] on the market,” he told the Junkies in the same interview. “Oh, now everyone in the world knows where I live. It’s the greatest thing ever. Yesterday someone randomly came and put balloons on my mailbox. I have people driving up and down the street waving at me. It’s so weird. Thanks, Washington Post.”

Oops. Everyone, stop stalking Cooley.

 Update: Just to clarify, the Post didn’t publish Cooley’s address or link to the listing. Other outlets who picked up the item by Reliable Source did. 


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