Some of the Redskins players are attending the Pediatric Halloween Party at Georgetown University Hospital, and the team is letting the fans pick Alfred Morris’s costume. The voting choices are Popeye, Angry Bird, Batman and Captain America, and the rookie running back’s teammates are getting in on the fun.

“I like the Captain America look,” said Josh LeRibeus when I asked which he would vote for. “I think it’s more suited for him.”

Adam Carriker strongly disagrees.

“First of all, Captain America is Ryan Kerrigan,” he said. “He is the epitome of Captain America. So [Morris] can’t be Captain America. I don’t know anything about Angry Birds, he doesn’t really fit Batman. Maybe Popeye. I could see him eating a lot of spinach. I could see that.”

Kerrigan will also be attending the event, and has yet to pick a costume. Depending on how the fan vote goes, Captain America just may be up for grabs.

“In college, I was Pauly D from Jersey Shore,” said Kerrigan of his favorite Halloween costume. “I had a black tank top, some jeans, sunglasses. I had real long hair back then, so I did the blowout, which that was a mess. And I had some fake tattoos. It was cool.”

Cool, but probably not right for this particular event.

The majority of Morris’s teammates picked Angry Bird, including Niles Paul, who said he wants to see Morris look “as ridiculous as possible.” As for Morris himself, he has a different preference.

“Batman,” he said, before learning that the majority of the teammates I talked to are pulling for Angry Bird.

“I wouldn’t mind it if [Angry Bird] wins” he said. “The kids would get a kick out of it.”

And that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it?

Vote here, vote often.