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More lists and rankings! When will it end? And why do we keep talking about them? 

Because, Redskins. 

Anyway, Bill Barnwell of Grantland decided to rank all of the NFL teams, based on which teams were most entertaining to watch. And I probably wouldn’t be writing about this, except that the Redskins came in at No. 1. (I’m lying. I’d totally be writing about this regardless.)

The honor is based on, who else, Robert Griffin III, and here is Barnwell’s reasoning:

You know how Simmons has the Tyson Zone for celebrities who are so crazy he’d believe anything he heard about them? I feel the same way about Griffin on the field. If I’m watching the Red Zone channel on Sunday and I see the “Coming up … ” image with a Redskins graphic, my mind races. Did RG3 just kick a 65-yard field goal? By accident? Did he go back in time and relieve Drew Storen? Is he hosting the Red Zone Channel right now? You could tell me RG3 accomplished just about anything during a game on Sunday and I’ll believe it. These days, nobody in football is more watchable or entertaining.

There are few people out there who would disagree with that last statement. 

It’s been a long time since the Redskins have been must-see TV on Sundays, or have even been a part of the national conversation for something other than being a mess. Granted, it’s mostly thanks to one single player. But riding RGIII’s superhero cape into relevance isn’t such a bad thing. 


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