Local businesses like to have fun and use the Redskins’ various triumphs to promote their businesses and give away free stuff, all while getting you to buy other stuff. But this pizzeria promotion with wide receiver Pierre Garcon is in no danger of paying out anytime soon. 

Local pizza establishment Paisano’s Pizza filmed this commercial, presumably sometime  over the summer, to advertise a buy-one-get-one promotion for every Garcon touchdown.

“Our newest wide receiver, Pierre Garcon, is efficient on the field,” says the restaurant’s representative int he commercial. “But how efficient is he in the kitchen?”

I’m going to go ahead and say that comparing anything to his efficiency on the field at this point is setting a low bar. 

“Let me just stick to what I do,” says Garcon in the commercial, after proving inept at making pizzas. 

“I’ll tell you what. You score the touchdowns, I’ll make the pizzas,” says his pizza-making commercial co-star.

Looks like Garcon isn’t going to be holding up his end of the deal, considering that he isn’t in any position to be scoring touchdowns for a while. Here’s the commercial, via @recordsandradio. I haven’t seen it aired, so it’s possible the pizzeria didn’t intend it for the public just yet. Darn those Internets.


Sprinkles in Georgetown also has a Redskins-related promotion, and this one should prove a little more fruitful for fans. The details, via an email from the cupcakery:

Sprinkles Cupcakes will be helping fans celebrate Redskins victories this season by offering a Buy-One-Get-One deal to the day after a team win at the Sprinkles Georgetown bakery (3015 M Street, NW Washington, DC). So should the Redskins beat out the Steelers this weekend, all customers who whisper “Redskin” on Monday, 10/29 will get the BOGO deal.

I’m not sure why you have to whisper “Redskin” instead of just saying it, but rules are rules.