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DeAngelo Hall’s meltdown, in images

By Don Wright/Associated Press.

Maybe you were fortunate enough to flip off the Redskins-Steelers broadcast before DeAngelo Hall — apparently upset with what he thought was dirty blocking by the Steelers — went on his helmet-off, profanity-laced fourth-quarter rant, costing his team 30 yards and himself an ejection and sure fine.

“Especially when guys are in a leadership role, we understand that you have to keep your cool, regardless of if you like a call or don’t like a call,” Mike Shanahan said. “That’s your job to handle yourself in a professional manner, and more importantly, not put your team in a hole by having a 15-yard penalty. That’s one of the things that I talked about to our football team. You make too many of those mistakes and you’re not with us….You have to keep your poise and you can’t cost your team a 15-yard penalty. You’ve got to put your team first….That’s the game, putting your team No. 1, you No. 2”

Wait, my mistake! That was actually Mike Shanahan last December, when Hall picked up 20 yards worth of penalties on one play, helping along a Patriots scoring drive.

“Very disappointed,” Shanahan said this time around. “You [can] never put your team in that type of situation.” (Quote via @granthpaulsen.)

Fans, as they are wont to do, demanded immediate action, mostly asking the Redskins to cut Hall before the team plane leaves Pittsburgh.

Hall, of course, told reporters that his agent was setting up a meeting with the league office.

“I’ve got a meeting set up with Commissioner Goodell on Monday,” Hall told reporters, via CSN Washington video. “Me and him will talk about it, watch the film, figure out what went down, hopefully get to the bottom of this.”

A reporter then told Hall that the NFL offices will be closed on Monday due to the storm.

“Well, we’re gonna figure something out,” Hall said. “I’ve got my agent calling them, trying to set something up.

“What are you trying to figure out?” another reporter asked.

“Like I said, I’m not gonna discuss that,” Hall said, brushing aside a follow-up. “Any questions about the actual football part of the game?

Anyhow, if you were fortunate enough to miss the play, here are some reminders. It involved a lot of yelling and gesturing and obvious anger.

(Images via @recordsANDradio; GIF via SB Nation.)