(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)


As I discovered via intense reporting on Sunday, the Redskins’ defense hasn’t been very good lately.

The Skins have now yielded at least 22 points in 10 straight games, dating to last season. They’ve averaged 29.4 points-against over those 10 games.

And this has led to an interesting dichotomy between media members and fans. Media members have pointed to the injuries, the severe problems at safety and the long-standing personnel issues, arguing that no coordinator could scheme successfully with the current roster.

“The Redskins obviously have holes on defense that could take more than one offseason to fill,” Jason Reid wrote after the latest loss, which has been the media refrain. “There’s certainly nothing Haslett and Coach Mike Shanahan can do now to make significant improvements.”

Fans, on the other hand, would like everyone — including Jim Haslett — to be fired. More than once, if possible.

Now, a few media members are finally beginning to agree.

“Washington plays Carolina on Sunday, then has its bye,” the Examiner’s’ Rick Snider wrote. “The Redskins’ defense either needs to reboot under Haslett or restart under someone else during the break.”

Then there was Fred Smoot, breaking down the defensive issues during 106.7 The Fan’s postgame show.

“Jim is, I think, an average coordinator right now,” the former Redskins cornerback said. “He might not have the players he wants. But I also think he’s so pig-headed right now, he’s gonna continue to run his style of defense, even though it’s killing the team.”

He didn’t mean “pig-headed” as an homage to the Hogs, either. There was more.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” Smoot said. “Because I used to wear those colors. I wore that on my helmet. I represent that to this day. And I know the one thing we always prided ourselves on was going out there and playing defense the best we could. We might not have been the greatest defense, but we played with our heart on our sleeve, and we went out there and laid it on the line.

“And I’m not seeing that,” Smoot continued. “And I don’t know if I’m not seeing that because these guys don’t believe in the scheme or the coordinator, or if I’m not seeing that because these guys just shouldn’t be playing together.”

Heck, Smoot also broke down the wide receivers, after Joshua Morgan described Sunday as “just a bad-weather game. Wet ball, wet gloves. It makes your job 10 times harder.”

“Right now, you’re not only lying to the fanbase of the Washington Redskins; you’re lying to yourself,” Smoot said. You know, them balls should have been caught. Hurricane Sandy was not at Ketchup Field [Sunday]. It wasn’t too bad of a rain out there. You can’t make these type of excuses, if that’s what you want to call them.”