Buried at the bottom of Katie Carrera’s post for Wizards Insider about the team leaving early for Cleveland thanks to Hurricane Sandy is this fun story. 

Upon landing at Dulles on Saturday after the team’s road trip, Martell Webster discovered that he had left his car keys in Kansas City. After remotely unlocking his car with an app, he called for help. 

 From Wizards Insider:

“Good thing I have a wife that loves me. She came and got me,” Webster said. “I slept in my car for two hours, I’m not going to lie. I called my wife I was like, ‘You know what it is 3:30. I’ll let you sleep a couple more hours but you need to come get me.’ And she got me we’re good.

“As long as I had shelter I was good,” Webster said. “By the time I had figured out my keys were in Kansas City everybody was gone. I didn’t want to call anybody, I didn’t mind. I’m from the Northwest, we do weird stuff like sleep in our cars – not a problem. If you haven’t slept in your car then you’re weird”

I don’t think crashing in your car for a few hours is specific to the Northwest. I mean, who among us hasn’t napped in their car waiting for the parking lot at FedEx field to empty out?