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Is Bradley Beal the hungriest athlete in the world?

By Katherine Frey/The Washington Post.
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Monday night, while I was eating some of my special Hurricane Sandy slow-cooked lentil chili with a nice cold can of Natty Bo, I noticed this tweet from promising Wizards rookie Bradley Beal.

Now, ordinarily, a pro athlete expressing some sort of bodily need on Twitter might not be blog-worthy news. (Actually, this should never be blog-worthy news. Blame D.C. schools being closed and me having to write super-fast when my daughter is occupied. Or asleep.)

But in Beal’s case, this little notice stuck out. Because, truth be told, Bradley Beal might very well be The Hungriest Athlete in the World.

I feel so sorry for the kid. Feel like we should pack him a little fanny pack filled with granola bars and cheese sticks, for when the urge hits. Because he is always, always, always hungry. Often dramatically so. Some examples: