It’s not uncommon on Halloween night to see pint-sized versions of our local athletes roaming the streets among the ghosts and goblins. If you already own a jersey, the costume is cost-effective and products like the Robert Griffin III mask make it a simple assembly.

As for the players themselves, it’s a little more difficult to find appropriate ensembles to fit their super-sized frames. Most of the Redskins players I spoke to told me that they leave the costumes for the young trick-or-treaters, but a few of them admitted to getting into the Halloween spirit now and then.

“In college, I was Pauly D from Jersey Shore,” Ryan Kerrigan said last week of his favorite past Halloween costume. “I had a black tank top, some jeans, sunglasses. I had real long hair back then, so I did the blowout, which that was a mess. And I had some fake tattoos. It was cool.”

Kerrigan, along with teammates Alfred Morris, Joshua Morgan, Niles Paul and Brandon Banks, will be attending a Pediatric Halloween party at Georgetown University Hospital. While he has yet to decide on a costume for this year’s festivities, he’s leaning towards something more kid-friendly, perhaps in the super-hero genre.

Paul’s best costume memory is so very Niles Paul. 

“I went as Luigi,” he laughed, referring to the character from Super Mario Bros. “I had the gloves and the green overalls like Luigi, but I wore [Timberland boots] and had my overalls hanging on one side. I called myself Thug Luigi.”

Adam Carriker and his family had a plan, but it got derailed thanks to a combination of his knee injury suffered early in the season and his wife’s pregnancy.

“Well, we were gonna be the Incredibles, because there’s four of them and we have two kids,” he told me. “But I’m on crutches and a brace, so I don’t feel much like Mr. Incredible, and [my wife’s] stomach is rather large. So we completely changed our minds, and our kids are going to be Mickey and Minnie Mouse.”

As for Carriker and his wife, who is due to deliver their third child any day now, they’ve shelved their costumes in favor of some more comfortable clothing.

“We decided to leave ourselves out of the equation once we looked in the mirror and realized what we looked like,” he said.


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