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Santana Moss is a big fan of horror movies, especially classic slasher films. When he was a kid, those scary movies were a household tradition.

“My all-time favorites was anything that scared you,” the Redskins wide receiver told me. “Like the Freddys and the Jasons and Michael Myers and all them. I love those movies. Every Friday we used to go and rent movies, and it was movies that you never heard of. You’d go in the horror section at Blockbuster and you’d find stuff that was so random.”

The movie offerings now don’t scare him like the classics, and one film in particular was his favorite. The problem is, he can’t remember the name of it.

“It was a movie about a janitor at a school, and for years I’ve been trying to find out the name of this movie because I’ve been wanting to watch it,” Moss explained. “Anyway, the kids played a prank on him in the bathroom. And one day they had a school dance or a play or something, and the janitor got into some chemicals and his face was hanging off. And he killed damn near everyone in the school. He would walk the street at night, and anybody he saw he brought terror to.

“That was real horror to me,” he continued. “Nowadays you have stuff that people think is scary, but it’s not really scary.”

A cookie to the reader who knows which movie Moss is talking about. 

As for current movies, Moss is putting out a call to action.

“You have to wait for another Freddy or another Jason or another Michael Myers movie to come out,” he said. “Hopefully someone will hear me, someone out there directing those movies and put some frightening to something.”

UPDATE: Reader @dcuniverse figured out the name of the movie, Slaughter High. I passed it on to a incredibly grateful Santana Moss, who thanks you all for the help and says “Man, the internet is incredible.”


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