Josh LeRibeus tweeted a pic of his ceiling yesterday morning, showing a channel of water that had gathered and spread thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Compared to the fate suffered by many in this area, it was minor damage. But LeRibeus told me that the photo didn’t do the situation justice.

“It’s a lot worse than that picture makes it seem,” he said. “I had a little coffee table, and it was covered in a puddle of water. The A/C was dripping to I put a trashcan under it and there was about five gallons of water.”

And then, he did something silly and made it worse. LeRibeus turned the living room fan on, without realizing that a puddle of water had gathered in the ceiling under the fan’s base. The bubble burst overnight, sending water into the rotating blades and creating a whole new problem. 

“I walked in and saw water on the television, and then I realized that the fan was shooting water right at the screen,” he laughed. LeRibeus said his landlord suggested he let it dry out before turning it on.

“It’s unplugged right now, so I have no idea if it still works,” he said.


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