By Jonathan Newton – TWP.


I forgot to mention this with all the Sandy craziness, but the NFL Network aired a pretty long Robert Griffin III interview with Melissa Stark during its “NFL GameDay Morning” program Sunday.

While sitting for that interview, Griffin — who famously beat-boxed for Jay Leno last spring — did some beat-boxing yet again for Stark.

“My family is pretty good at beat-boxing, and I don’t know where I learned it from, but I was pretty good at it, and my dad always laughs whenever I do it,” he told Stark, before offering a brief demonstration. See video here.


More from Griffin:

On his 76-yard TD run against the Vikings: “It’s truly amazing. The coaches told me that it’s the most special play that they’ve been a part of in their careers. And it made me realize that you can do that in high school, you can do that in college, but if you run for a 76-yard touchdown as a quarterback in the NFL, it’s truly something special. But the most important thing about that play was we won the game.”

On how much he’s following Andrew Luck’s career: “I don’t follow his career that much. But I always root for quarterbacks, so you’ll never see me say anything ill about him, you’ll never see me hoping against him or wishing against him.”

On the hardest part about the NFL: “Getting losses. We’re 3-4. I’m a winner, so you have to hate losing more than you love winning. That’s something that I feel is deep inside me. And as a competitor, you rise up to the occasion.”