Is there anything Robert Griffin III has not yet tried to market? Pastel-colored quick-dri paper towels? Invisible crayons? Bullet-proof socks? Stale peach-flavored frosting? Wet cardboard? Stale peach-flavored frosting on top of wet cardboard?

The latest item — unless something came up while I typed that first paragraph — is the Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed III “Griffin Bundle,” featuring a video game plus “Limited Edition mi adidas CC Seduction shoe designed in collaboration with Robert Griffin III.” So yes, he’s apparently a shoe designer now.

“His killer instincts on the gridiron and rejuvenating presence in the country’s top political market made him the perfect candidate for…the ACIII/RtV/mi adidas shoes,” said the press release, which came out last week but is new to me. “These qualities coupled with his excitement for the upcoming launch of Assassin’s Creed III allow for the perfect partnership leading up to the game’s launch.”

“The shoe is blocked in grey, red and blue with special branding on the tongue and the game’s logo on the heel,” according to Counter Kicks. No, I don’t really understand any of this.