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Obviously I had to give baby RGIII top billing. 

There were some good efforts made in the local sports category of last night’s Halloween festivities. Not as good as Bryce Harper. But really, who is? 

Here are some of our faves, starting off with RJew3, which is the everything you want in a costume — creative, inexpensive, humorous, and potentially offensive. Good job, good effort. If you want a good roundup of people dressed as RGIII, head to the Twitter feed of the man himself. He spent last night retweeting all of them.

Also included here is a video entitled “RGIII sacked by Troy Polamalu.” If you ask me, it should be called “Fake Troy Polamalu bear hugs fake RGIII in a bar.” Would probably get just as many views. 



Locked out hockey player! via @sziff1