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RGIII gives out socks for Halloween

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I guess I didn’t spend any time thinking about what Robert Griffin III would be handing out to trick-or-treaters at his Leesburg home. He’s obviously too cool for raisins or Starbursts or Now and Laters, the runts of Halloween treats. He wouldn’t go with Butterfingers, in case that reflected poorly on his wide receivers. Milk Duds carry the faint whiff of unmet expectations. Three Musketeers aren’t inclusive enough — maybe 53 Musketeers, but that’s not on the market.

But if I had really put some effort into it, I would have realized that duh, RGIII’s house WOULD BE HANDING OUT SOCKS TO LOCAL TRICK OR TREATERS. SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS. THEY HANDED OUT SOCKS.

“Went to your house tonight all dressed up… I got these awesome socks from your fiancé!,” wrote one fan, pictured in the above right image.

“What I acquired from RGIII’s house!” wrote the cat in the above left image.

“Thanks for socks!” wrote the chap in the below left image.

“Thanks for the socks,” added a fourth trick-or-treater, who posted the below right picture.

I didn’t independently verify this, of course, since I was busy escorting a trick-or-treater of my own, who didn’t feel like driving from D.C. to Leesburg while wearing her Velma outfit. But there were many, many online reports of sock acquisition at the Griffin household. In addition to the photos above and below of Griffin-bestowed goodies, witness this:

All of which means, of course, that we’re gonna need a strong police presence around Griffin’s house next October 31st.

(Inspired by @recordsANDradio)