Photo via the Redskins.

Comes now the time when people write and talk about the link between politics and D.C. sports. Like, even more than usual.

Nowhere was this more evident than on MSNBC’s Hardball Thursday afternoon, when Chuck Todd came up with an interesting analogy.

“Guys like the governor of New Jersey and all the voices out there that haven’t come to Romney’s help this week, they don’t love him enough to say wait a minute, forget the storm, this guy’s great,” Chris Matthews said. “I don’t hear a lot of that.”

“I don’t know, you know what I equate it to?” Todd replied. “It’s like Mark Rypien as the Redskins quarterback. They loved him when he won a Super Bowl. But then when he was unable to win a Super Bowl, they weren’t gonna be loyal to him at the end of the day. I think they’ve decided that Romney’s good enough to win the Super Bowl for them, and so they’re with him. I think they’ve been there for him.”

Of course, a huge number of voters (if not MSNBC viewers) were not even alive when Rypien won a Super Bowl for the Redskins. Maybe Romney is Trent Dilfer or Jake Delhomme or Alex Smith. Or Mitt Romney.

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In other Redskins/Politics news:

* Stephen Whyno and Rich Campbell take the political temperature of the Skins locker room, and apparently discover that not one player has a voting preference he’s willing to state on the record.

“We all have different views, different opinions on things,” Kedric Golston said. “Everybody has different conversations. Nobody’s getting heated about a conversation.”

* Lots of people are again talking about the Redskins Rule: If the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the White House doesn’t change party affiliation. It’s worked for 17 out of the last 18 elections, which I believe is the same success rate as the popular vote winner.

* This isn’t a D.C. story, but SportsBusiness Journal did a rundown of which candidate various sports executives are supporting. Dan Snyder is in the Romney column, while Ted Leonsis and Marla Lerner Tanenbaum are in the Obama ledger.

* George Allen stopped by Redskins Park this week, and managed to get a photo op with a guy who has slightly higher approval ratings. Photo via @Redskins.