The Wizards are advertising a drink promotion they’re calling a “Bar Tour,” where packages starting at $25 gets you a game ticket and $2 Budweiser products to enjoy during your pre-game celebrations. 

There are ads on the WaPo site for the promotion, and as an eagle-eyed Michael Lee points out, they feature the only team member who isn’t of legal drinking age. It’s no lapdance Tuesdays, mind you, but it’s an interesting choice nonetheless. 

I reached out to the team to ask about the decision to use Beal. In this case, the ad was created by TiqIQ, who partners with the team on ticket promotions and who placed that particular ad on our site. There was an oversight in the approval process between the team and the ticket company, which led to the unfortunate placement. 

Here’s the full ad, sans Bradley Beal, from the Wizards Web site. If cheap beer is your thing, head here for tickets.