Brian Mitchell’s mic wasn’t working at the start of the Comcast SportsNet postgame show on Sunday afternoon. Once the production staff fixed that problem, they had another: Mitchell was so fired up about the Redskins’ third straight loss that he cursed twice, necessitating some fancy bleeping technology.

UPDATE: I’m told that Mitchell never actually cursed, and that his words were bleeped by an overly aggressive production staff. I apologize for the error.

While many media members and fans seemed to treat Sunday’s loss as some sort of tipping point — at least within this season — I’m not sure any were more fired up than Mitchell. His anger started when discussing the offensive series that ended with a 4th-and-goal Robert Griffin III run getting strung out wide and stopped.

“You have Alfred Morris in the backfield, okay?” Mitchell said. “I don’t care that Alfred Morris may not be a No. 1 draft pick. Why are they getting fancy when they get in scoring position? I think if you give Alfred Morris the ball four times and you don’t block [for him], he’s gonna score.

“Kyle Shanahan’s supposed to be calling the plays; he has to learn to get rid of the trickery, and go straight down,” Mitchell continued. “They are not doing that. When you look at this team, the defense is doing absolutely nothing. They’re terrible. But when the offense constantly has pressure on them, you can’t miss opportunities like that.

“And Robert has done terrific things, but this fancy playcalling has to come to an end,” Mitchell said. “You have to get some type of personality. What is the personality of the Washington Redskins? We run, we pound, we pound, we pound, and we forget about it and we start throwing the ball or we start trying some trickery. It is absolutely asinine and stupid.

“These fans are upset. And they have a right to be,” Mitchell concluded. “I’ve been trying to be as positive as I can be all year, trying to be as optimistic as I can, but you know what? The Redskins at this point are a terrible team, a terrible franchise. And it comes down to who’s making the decisions. You look, off the field, they’re doing some great things. But on the field, you can’t tell me that this coaching staff is anywhere close to the top. They’re terrible right now. The players are terrible, the coaches are terrible, and something needs to happen.”

Things didn’t get any cheerier when the panel started discussing Mike Shanahan’s pledge to begin evaluating players for the future.

“It’s week 9, okay?” Mitchell began. “And I’m sick of every year hearing in week 9 we’re gonna evaluate the players we have here. What the hell did they do in training camp? When this season started, everyone talked about depth. Now in week 9, we’re talking about starting evaluating players? Do we have the right people evaluating the players?

“It seems to me like all the [finger] pointing is going toward the players,” he went on. “Coaches coach. And I see a bunch of players making mistakes, I see a bunch of players out of position, I see a bunch of bad calls. That’s coaching, okay? Where is the fire in this football team? I mean, I played on many teams — these guys, I don’t care, win, lose or draw, they played with fire, passion and desire. I don’t see that in this Washington Redskins football team.

“The players deserve a mountainload of blame,” Mitchell said. “But these [bleeped coaches] deserve blame too. They are not getting this team ready to play. And I have been here; I talk to Mike Shanahan every week, I listen to Kyle, I listen to everybody talk. And it’s always we played very good. Where the hell did they play good at today? They didn’t play very good today; they played BAD today. All right?

“These fans aren’t stupid, and I’m [bleeped not stupid]. I’m not gonna constantly hear every week how great you’re playing, when they are NOT playing good. They’re now going down. This team is not on the up; they’re going down. People that were doing well are not playing well now. We’re watching the completion rate go down, we’re watching the sacks go up. It’s not good football right now, point blank.”

Nice weather for a game, though.